This book [Absolution] kept my interest from the first page to the end. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, the author introduced another twist. She has a knack for writing dialogue and making her characters so real and likable. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series.


Book 1 The Luciano Series

Couldn't put it [A Second Chance] down....I read this book while on vacation and found it incredibly hard to put down. An amazing book about grace and forgiveness. I related not to the specific "sins" in the book but the battle that we as Christians all have within ourselves when making life altering choices. And the reminder to keep the faith and wait on God's timing was needed in my life. Looking forward to more books from this author.

A Second Chance

Everything I needed to hear!

Do you know that feeling when you are witness to such an anointed sermon that you feel like it was spoken just for your ears and encouragement? That’s the feeling I had reading A Word. I enjoyed the short stories so much that I binge read the entire book today and I feel so blessed by it!

A Word: Ordinary Days with an Extraordinary God

Mercy is just as riveting and suspenseful as the first in the series titled, Absolution. This author has a knack for writing dialogue that's natural, as she continues the intriguing series featuring Antony Luciano and his son, whose existence was kept secret for years. They have it all--corruption, mystery, betrayal, deception, a variation of good and bad secondary characters, and love that transcends all. I'm waiting for the next in the series. good job, Dana K. 


Book 2 in The Luciano Series

Another incredible addition to the Luciano Series. Here's another one of Dana K. Ray's Luciano books. It's full of twists and turns and tension from cover to cover. Once I started, it was hard to put down.


Book 3 in The Luciano Series

I enjoyed the fact that this was a Christian based story that dealt with real issues and the consequences we face in real life. I definitely will read more of Dana's books!

There's No Reasoning with Love